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FMHS Teaching Portfolio

FMHS Teaching Portfolio

The FMHS Teaching Portfolio is an online teaching portfolio space, provided by the University of Auckland, where you can keep a record of your teaching activities. It is created with CourseBuilder, using the journal feature with which some of you may be familiar. (It is a private space, accessible via upi and password login. Your entries are not viewable by anyone. All administrators of the site can only view 'activity' for technical support, they cannot view individual entries.)

You can use the FMHS Teaching Portfolio to build up a picture of what you are doing with respect to improving and enhancing your teaching. It is structured around the teaching activity areas derived from the University policy document on academic grades, performance standards and criteria.  

You can add entries to your portfolio and at any time collate all or some of them and export to PDF or a Word document. So you are able to use the  records when you are applying for promotion or continuation, or when you are writing your APR.

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Why keep a teaching portfolio?


If you would like to find out more about keeping a teaching portfolio, take a look at the resources provided by the Centre for Learning and Research in Higher Education  

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