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Teach to facilitate learning

Teaching to facilitate learning means going beyond the delivery of material and transmission of knowledge to opening opportunities for students to think critically, experience and practice skills and to be able to locate relevant resources and sources of knowledge. Teaching should enable students to develop skills and attitudes that they will use throughout their working lives. 

Clinical teaching particularly, requires an understanding of when and how to maximise teaching and learnining opportunities as they arise.

It is important to have a vision of what 'good teaching' is and to be familiar with the approaches and strategies you can use to facilitate learning for your students.

What is 'good teaching'?

A good teacher is inspiring, motivating, enthusiastic and passionate about their subject. They convey their love of their subject to their students, they care about teaching and are committed to helping each and every student realise his or her full potential. A good teacher seeks to improve and enhance their teaching practice.

A good teacher:

  • is an expert in a particular subject area;
  • informs teaching with discipline research;
  • is passionate about their subject;
  • wants to convey what they know to their students;
  • is creative and looks for different ways to engage students in the learning process; and
  • has a vision of how they want their students to "turn out" when the teaching is over.

Colleague's view

Helen Roberts talks about the need to enjoy learners as people

Dr Roger Booth outlines a cross-disciplinary approach to good teaching


Do I...

  • Have a sense of what  'good teaching' is?
  • Provide opportunities for active rather than a passive learning?
  • Encourage exploration of resources to find answers rather than simply providing them?

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