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Feedback about this website

Feedback about the FMHS Everything Teaching resource

We aim to continue to develop this site and welcome your feedback on it.  Your feedback will be received by staff in the FMHS Learning Technology Unit and used to guide ongoing enhancements. Feedback is anonymous unless you choose to add your name in a comment. 

1. What is your teaching position within the Faculty (tutor, lecturer, associate prof etc)?

2. How well do you think the website meets the teaching development needs of the Faculty?

Comment on your choice.

3. How valuable/useful do you think this website is for supporting you in your own professional development?

Comment on your choice.

4. Did you make use of the 'Portfolio Possibilities' offered throughout the website?

Comment on your choice.

5. How easy/difficult is it to navigate the website?

Comment on your choice.

6. Would you recommend this website to other educators?

7. Comment on your choice.

8. Do you have any additional comments/suggestions/improvements for the website?


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