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New staff

Teaching Catalyst Programme

It is mandatory for staff new to university teaching (and highly recommended for staff new to the University of Auckland) to complete the Teaching Catalyst Programme offered by CLeaR (the University's Centre for Learning and Research in Higher Education). It provides an essential grounding in university teaching and learning with a particular focus on the University of Auckland. 

Completion of the entire programme is a mandatory part of the continuation process for academics new to university teaching, so at some point academic staff will need to undertake the programme.  

The semester-long programme is offered twice-yearly and consists of two parts:

Part one - University Teaching and Learning: An Intensive 3 Day Course (3 full-day sessions, 18 hours)
An intensive overview of key concepts and strategies involved in university teaching and learning. Topics include large classes, working with small groups, encouraging active learning, diversity in the classroom, effective e-learning, course design and assessment and getting feedback on your teaching.

Part two - Intro to Learning and Teaching at the University of Auckland (3 two-hour sessions, 6 hours)
Three consecutive seminars address the writing of an effective and persuasive teaching portfolio through the gathering of, and reflection on, supporting evidence from student evaluations, focus groups and peer review of teaching. Seminar topics include gathering feedback on your teaching, developing peer observation partnerships and constructing a teaching portfolio.

To enrol in the programme, see CLeaR's workshops enrolment page

Develop a teaching portfolio

Notice that as part of the Teaching Catalyst programme (Part Two), participants are required to begin a teaching portfolio on which they receive feedback from each other and from the CLeaR facilitators.

FMHS staff can use MyPortfolio to do this. A summary of entries can be collated and converted to PDF or Word format for submission as part of the programme - and as future documention for APRs, continuation and promotion.

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